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List of websites submitted by users:

Nishant sharma - http://www.mobilegyaan.com -

I like this site because it has everything about mobiles, many "tips-tricks" you want to know, like how to send free SMS, prevent (your) mobile from being hacked, increase battery life, use "busy caller tunes", earn money by reading SMS, track mobile, etc. I like its great "how-to guides." A good, informative, and useful site.

Neelam Modi - http://www.yahoo.comI like this website 'coz it contains many contents like yahoo! answers which provides suggestion, solutions, remedies etc about many things one want to know and can get by questioning in any categories. It also contains many different sections like day to day news, tips for many diff things, provides various lang's for making it cozy for diff linguistic ppl, and so much more which can be remarked as one stop for everything.

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