Hi Friends,

Today's winner is Kapil Gk - Congratulations

Kapil Gk - http://www.makeuseof.com/ -It really means what it entitles. they doesnt have anything useless or less useful. type anything regarding computer or internet, they have a valid answer.

List of sites submitted by users :

Sravani Chebrole -   www.corporateinformation.com  -It shows the profiles of some thousands of companies

Asmita Sharma - http://www.dadimaakenuskhe.com - I like this site because it gives information on home remedies or medicines made at home to cure common as well as acute problems naturally without any side effects. Sections like "Daadi Maa's special" are wonderful and effective. Very good site for home-made, natural, harmless treatment.

Nishant Sharma - http://www.mobilegyaan.com  - I like this site because it has everything about mobiles, many "tips-tricks" you want to know, like how to send free SMS, prevent (your) mobile from being hacked, increase battery life, use "busy caller tunes", earn money by reading SMS, track mobile, etc. I like its great "how-to guides." A good, informative, and useful site.

Good Luck