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Today's Winner is Ravi M -Congratulations- - I like this site because we can apply several effects for photos.These photos create uniqueness for us and good to share with our friends and family members.

List of sites submitted by users:

Jeswanth - -Feel the good music and new releases updated very soon.

Sowmya nuka - - If you have good knowledge about new mobile launches,new offers. You can share that information with this site and earn 50rs each time you mail them.For more info see the below link

                     - - You can find mini tasks in this site like blog commenting,blog posting,freelancers jobs and many more.Once you earn the minimum payout you can get 1$ signup bonus also.

Nishant sharma - -With the help of this site we can make a free website of our own for lifetime with unlimited space.

Vanga sricharan - -Hi and i am doing my planning engineering ,actually this site mainly about the great and efficient( buildings in the world from different architects and planners for free of cost.these information will help to us and worked as reference in our personal really i learn many things from different type of architects and planners i mean from this site and i hope it will like this...!!thank you..!!

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Today's winner is Vishnavi Ch -Congratulations - - This site is good for entertainment news.Best website to know telugu cinema reviews.

List of sites submitted by users:

Sowmya - - Recharge your mobile by linking your Debit or credit card.Then you get the same amount back.That is they will give coupons of equal amount.You can shop at Baskins robbins,PVR cinemas,naaptol and many famous shopping sites.

           - - If you are good in article writing and want to earn money by it.Then register and keep earning.If our article is good it will be published in many websites at the same time they will pay you also.You can also signin with your facebook account.Once you create an account you can see the options content,earnings etc.

          - - Know the latest computer,gprs,internet tricks here.

Ganesh.marishatti - -From the above site we can have online money making opportunities by paying only 350 

Surla nagarjuna - -This site is one and only genuine online jobs site in india.

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Today's winner is - Prasanth K - Congratulations - I love this site because it is giving information about so many sites around the world that will be helpful in our daily life.

List of sites submitted by users:

Syed Zubair.S.A - -This site connects PROFESSIONALS all over the world just like SOCIAL SITE's & helpful in getting jobs information.

Nishant sharma - -This site gives opportunity to earn $15 per each month to active members. Just comment each day and earn at least $15 per month.


Today's winner is :Ramesh N  - Congratulations - - Yes, I like this site because it is good enough in providing energetic quotes which are very helpful for self motivation.

List of sites submitted by users:

Nishant Sharma -  -It is a website designed by neuroscientists and it helps to improves brain health and mental functioning. We can increase our memory, attention, processing speed, flexibility and problem-solving skills by this site.

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