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Today's winner is Aravind B - Congratulations.

Sowmya nuka - https://smvgroup.communispace.com/index.asp - Communispace is an international site.If you have doubts just google it you cant find anywhere that it is spam.I earned 100$ from this site.They conduct some projects.The first 25 submitted will definetly get 25$ for their submission.The project is just simple it will be of 2pages.For ex the projects what I completed are 1.Giving our views about our participation in a team work. 2.About our favorite cosmetics etc. We do not need to prepare our own they will send us a form we can should just give answers to those in a good manner ie., they should get impressed. If we are active in their site by giving comments and completing surveys they give us 15$/month But the difficult thing is getting entry into "COMMUNISPACE" They will put a qualification test if once we are selected we can earn money easily.I am sending some of the paypal payment proofs in detail.

Nishant Raj - http://www.mobiles24.com -
This is your one stop mobile downloads websites. You can download latest games , application , themes , wallpapers for your cellphone for free. You can even chat and create wallpaper by yourself.

Aravind B - http://www.inspiredm.com/ - I like this website because it is like a online magazine.It covers all information about inspiration in our daily lives.Thanks to Robotixindia to give this opportunity to share.

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Today's winner is Ravi varma - Congratulations.

Valke Roja - www.miniclip.com - The miniclip.com has different online games. Even the single player or multiplayer games are available. Different categories of flash games are available.

John Rajani Kumari - www.google.com -We use all types of news ie mean see the dictionary and emails and waiting for jobs.

Nishant Sharma - http://www.rupeemail.com - I like this website because it sends ads to our email account and we get paid by viewing those ads. Easy way to earn money online....

Ravi Varma - http://www.redbus.in - I like this website to book tickets in online.Best services provided by them.Because o this site your travel will be easy.

Saket Kumar - http://www.mycalculus.com -This is a great website for students. You just have to enter your calculus problem and Website will solve the question for you with every step.


Today's winner is - Sandhya Ch - Congratulations

Sandhya Ch - http://www.history.com/ - I Like this site because Past is history.So if you want to know past this site is very useful and informative.

Nishant Sharma - http://www.youmint.com - I like this website because we can not only send free sms through this site, but can also earn money by viewing ads. Good site.

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Today's winner is - Vijayapaul Doppalapud - Congratulations

Shameer -    www.zedge.net -  Because it is good website for download all type of cell useful like themes,pictures,softwares,videos,games etc.

Vijayapaul Doppalapudi - http://www.way2sms.com - I very much liking this site because I meet so many friends, Brothers, Sisters, relatives and all other persons daily. I am sending spiritual message and wishes every day to nearly 1000nos above.

Sowmya nuka - http://www.thebugdoctor.com/ - If your pc is infected with viruses or bugs have a solution with this site.Its free of cost.

                          - http://www.games24x7.com - Play rummy games with real people. Win cash prizes & many more gifts.

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Today's winner is - Ravi - Congratulations

Cheerala Suresh Kumar - www.games24X7.com - I like this because its a online line rummy game and its very very easy to play with others.Full Time pass and little money to spend (ie) Rs 25\- and also free money to win.

Ravi - www.qwiki.com -This is a new website. it is a search engine, when u search a word, it brings u a video with vocal explanation and text including images. nw u dont have to read everything as in wikipedia.


Today's winner is - 
Nishant Raj - Congratulations  (Weekly contest winner)

Sowmya nuka - http://www.hotprints.com/ - This website offers 4 free photobooks(albums)every month.The quality will be very good.I have got 2 of them.You must pay 3$ for shipping .For US people its free of cost.It has some customized photo albums browse and upload your pics and get attractive albums and gift your friends.

                  - http://www.internetpaidsurveys.com - As we have already discussed about The best survey site in India thepanelstation.com Now I am going to list the next top 10 survey sites.You can find the complete details in the below link.Here you can find details of how to earn money and redeemption details.Please have a look in the following link http://www.internetpaidsurveys.com/international/survey-india.htm I have been working on global test market and also a few other survey sites in those lists.You can please trust on those and start working and keep earning.

Nishant Raj - http://www.quiznearn.com/ - This is a cool website to win cool gadzets like Ipod,Laptops, Digicam, Pendrives etc. They ask you multiple Choice GK questions and you answer to earn points.Those points can be redeemed for a cool electronic good. I have even won a webcam .
              - http://tv.burrp.com - Its a must have website for everyone in India. It provides a complete schedule of every Indian TV channel. It has option for reminders for a particular TV Pogramme , in case you don't wanna miss your programme. Its mobile version is also very friendly and can be used with any browser with ease.

Sumit vasudevan - www.facebook.com -It's a great way for me to stay connected with my friend's and family members and besides the website even offers some cool applications.


Good Luck

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