Hi Friends,

Winners of the contest are

                                         N.Sowmya,Manoj Papabathula,Rajendra N

N.SOWMYA  - http://www.asmbl.us/

If you are creative then here is the right place!In this site you can find many creative projects and prizes will be ranging from 1000$.Log on to this site and get amazed!!!!Contests will range from creative writings to web developing scripts etc.For ex below is a project Show us how you can interpret Coca-Cola as an ENERGIZING refreshment in whatever style or format you like. It can be in the form of a video/animation, design/illustration, or photo! Prizes: $65,000 in prizes Motivation: Money

                   - http://marsparticipate.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/participate/sendyourname/ -

NASA is having a free offer for the enthusiasts who like to see their name on MARS.Yes its true!Be a part of history.Fill the form in the below link NASA is going to store them on a chip and sending them to MARS.They are also giving a certificate you can download it also. http://marsparticipate.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/participate/sendyourname/ dont worry just your first and last name , your country and zip code thats it >>after you submit they will give certificate you can print or save that

                 - http://www.skillocracy.com - This site is very useful for students and people who want to do real world projects. They will have a list of projects,details and deadline for it.Intereseted people can prove themselves prize money will be $100000.It varies basing on the projects.For more details you can have a look at http://www.skillocracy.com/projects/ This site also has a best feature that it displays many completed projects also.Learners can get use of it this may help them in their academic life also.

Ajay kumarbingi - www.google.com - Because we can search everything in online.

Nandakishore.r.h  - http://www.google.com -

                                        I like this website because it is very good in providing information.information in the sense it may be technically,commercially,physically and mentally.overall it is good.

Jagadish prasad jena - www.yahoo.com -

                                                           This is a significant search engine .

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Saravanan  -  http://www.google.com -

                                                            All details are get easily.A;so get quickly.
Manoj Papabathula - www.freshersworld.com -

Hi, I like the site because, as an engineering student, i have been learning lot of things through the site.It is providing a vast knowledge of engineering, higher studies, jobs, and even more ... so i used to browse the site regularly....
Sodisetty Ramesh - www.robotixidia.com -  Eazy Money Mediator.

Sagarbabu - www.robotixindia.com -

                                                                   Very imp for me
N.Sowmya  - http://www.minijobz.com/ -

By this site we can earn online without any investment.After signing up we can see simple tasks just like downloading a software installing it and reporting bugs,rating articles,bookmarking etc.It works just like mturk.com which was previously discussed by our robotix team. In minijobz we get 1$ for signingup and 1$ bonus payout is 10$.If interested you can signup here http://www.minijobz.com/signup.php?REF=c293bXlhbnVrYUBob3RtYWlsLmNvbQ== or http://tinyurl.com/4h6lscg

http://www.surebzz.com -

I like this site very much.This is a newly launched site for the purpose of getting user reviews on various products. If we give honest and thoughtful reviews if they like our reviews then they will send us samples of many branded products.
Srikanth juttu- http://www.filehippo.com -

This is a very good website which provides all softwares in one place to download.
Nishant Raj -  http://www.mturk.com -

This is a great website for making some genuine money. They give you little random tasks to complete for which you get paid. For example , they will ask you to like a certain page over facebook or gather certain informations about a particular thing and after completing the work , you get paid. This site is affiliated to the amazon.com so its not a scam.
N.Sowmya -  http://www.cleartrip.com/ -

Cleartrip is offering a free coffee mug or desktop calender which we can customize(by our own photos on it).All that we have to do is go to the site http://www.cleartrip.com/ right side you will find contest click it and you will find "What's your purpose?" in the below box enter a place name and purpose then we get a webpage by which we can logon to it by our gmail click "allow" then you will get a email with the instructions.They will offer a zoomin voucher of 250rs by which we can get free coffee mug from their site within 3days.Register with zoomin and follow the instructions.That's it.

Rajendra N - http://www.robotixindia.com - Genuine opportunities to make money in online.