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Today we not received any responses.This amount will be added to Robotixindia Fund.

Total contest amount in Robotixindia Fund - 3$

But today we have donated 50 rupees to poor people.So total remaining amount is 2$.


                 Hearty congratulations to
Venkatesh prasad B - Winner of monthly contest

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If you want to travel across the world this website is very useful to know how many different places are beautiful to visit.
If you click on More section of this website it will take you different variety of foods.Virtual games,Latest innovations in science and technology.Entertainment is a one segment will be needed to each and everyone.It covers world wide entertainment and also many more.So many thanks to Robotixindia team coming up with these contests.Till now the response from the Robotixindia team is very good and far better than so many websites around the world.I would be very happy if i got the prize or not i will feel very happy becoz this information will be definitely seen by others.This is enough for me.Once again my sincere thanks to Robotixindia team by encouraging users like this.Thank you.

Atul Khanduri -
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