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Today's winner is Venkat K - Congratulations.

Venkat K - http://www.eol.org/ - I like this website because it gives full details about life evolution of each and every living being on earth.Good website to know the things about life.


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Today's winner is N sowmya - Congratulations.

N.Sowmya  -  http://competearoundtheworld.com -

Find a competition of your interest.Participate and win big prizes.For ex look at the below link for the list http://competearoundtheworld.com /find-competition.

http://mobigyaan.com/ - This site is conducting 3 contests.Blog commenting,Answer & win,Give away shortly.These are the 3 links http://mobigyaan.com/2nd-anniversary-celebrations-contestsgiveaway-coming-up-shortly http://mobigyaan.com/contest-1-comment-and-win-2nd-anniversary-celebrations http://mobigyaan.com/contest-2-answer-and-win-2nd-anniversary-celebrations Prizes up for grabs 14 smsBlocker mobile apps worth Rs. 200 each Talk time of Rs. 1400 MyToday ticket of Rs. 1400 Daily 6 winners will be selected, 3 from Facebook and 3 from twitter. So you can participate on both Facebook and twitter. Valid till 13th hurryup

http://www.bored.com/ - You can find many types of flash games for free.The best place for free online games, computer games and flash games.Play all the fun games you want 100% free

http://www.sporcle.com/ - By this site you can Quiz yourself!Here their will be Thousands of free online trivia quizzes about geography, movies, television, sports and mor.


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Today's winner is Ramya K - Congratulations

  Ramya K - http://www.dailycandy.com/all-cities/ - I like this site because it covers all fashion all over the world.Good website to know about culture and food.

 N Sowmya - www.wolframalpha.com/ -

-a search engine that THINKS.Wolfram|Alpha gives you access to the world's facts, without searching. See what everyone is talking about.

www.youconvertit.com -
  • I like this site because sometimes when we are in a hurry we need to convert one file format to other.For this no need to download a seperate file converter.youconvertit is an online File Converter website that allow users to convert any type of file formats, support media converter, convert images

Harish Kumar Sahu - www.facebook.com - This is one of the best social networking site. helps in bringing people to become friends and closer from all over the world.

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Today's winner is - Aishwarya P - http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/New_Years_Resolutions.shtml

- Best website to change our life.Invitation for new life.Good website who wish to change their life style.Invite new things in your life and feel the happiness in that.

Nuka Sowmya - http://www.smart-kit.com/ - You can find fun games,brain teasers,puzzles over here. People who want to train your brain with logic games can find this be very interesting.

                    - http://prezi.com/ - We can create presentations live & online.Its for free and easy.

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