I want to share regarding mobile in our generation this one wich has spread through out the world with in  short span of time and it became the necessary need to every human being  so it was a wonder before days we are unable to communicate instantly  we need to write letters or send a messenger to the target person and passed the message like that but now a days it is very simple one phone call can communicate anybody in  the world with in the secs so it is very useful for the human being not only for  proper  communication it can also play major role in protecting from us from some dangerous situations like if we entered in to unprotected area if we have any problem we can able to contact the police they will lookafter that problem so it can be used as a protecter.
                  And some disadvantages also there like mobiles to the students they can exhaust valueble time of the studentthat will never comes again in his life span so  we need to avoid  using the mobile phones of students we need to restrict the students from the mobiles and they can communicate unnecessary contacts and they  are spending money on the mobiles that will vain.
                   As per my consideration proper utilsation of mobile is good for better society but now a days mobile became the major advantage to the terrorists so they can easly causing threatens to the people and the government so those kind of activities are bad for the society so there are mixed results with this equipment.
                   Finally I can appricite for its services towards the society we can say
                                ONE MOBILE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES