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Mylot is an online community that pays you to discuss all kinds of topics with other users. For new users, it is hard and irritating how to earn money. This article will try to help you figuring out how to earn more using Mylot.

1.You can earn for what you write.


You do not earn for comments and responses other users contribute to your discussions. This is the main misunderstanding that new users have. It is not important for your earnings to receive many comments from other users. YOUR writing is what counts.


2. Quality over quantity


Mylot pays for quality discussions and comments. Simple one liners might be appropriate sometimes, but you definitely have to try to avoid them if you want to earn money. If you only write short answers like “Yes, I agree” or “Thanks for the response” do not whine about your earnings and possibly even your ratings decrease! Try to lenghten your comments and discussions without making it boring. Try to ad details, try to add information. Especially if you start a discussion, give background information!

3. Use comments to earn

As mentioned before, you do not earn from other user’s comments BUT if you respond back to the comments, you write and therefore you earn! Also, it is really nice to interact with the other users. Get to know them better, answer their questions, become friends. Mylot is a social website (that pays), so be social and have fun!

4. Hop into other boxes

If you answer to a discussion, Mylot even expects you to read the other comments before you write your own comment. Sadly, not many users do this. Many only give their 2 cents and leave. Maybe hoping to earn those 2 cents?
Do it differently. Read other user’s comments and write something about it. Add more value to it.
I do not have proof, but everytime I do this, I earn more for that day. Maybe it is a coincidence, but maybe Mylot rewards this behaviour? No matter what, it is fun. Like in #3, you are social and you are having fun and you get paid for it. Perfect combination!

5.Please Don’t spam the discussions.

You will probably earn less if you start 10 discussions per day than when you only start 1 or 2 and actually care for those 2 discussions by commenting back and interacting with all commenters and responders.
When you spam discussions, people get tired of seeing your topics and mostly spammed discussions lack quality. So please consider starting less but increase quality and interactivity.

6. Obey the rules

Check the guidelines, terms and do’s and don’ts regularly as even veteran members tend to forget some information.
Mylot admins are pretty strict and delete everything that is a guideline violation. If a topic or comment is deleted, the earnings are also deducted from your account. This can happen within a few hours after starting a discussion but can also happen after days, weeks or months. And then it really hurts if you have put much effort into it.

7. Care for your star

Your star does reflect your rating. The higher the number on your star, the higher is your rating. The better your rating, the higher are your earnings.
And what makes your star rating high? Quality!
Rate other comments when you think they contribute to the topic.
Avoid discussions and comments to get deleted.
Be nice and obey the rules.
You will receive your first star when you reach 100 activity points.

8. Tag your discussions

Tags are keywords that link your discussion to others with similar keywords. Tags will bring you more commenters and you can comment back more. Commenting back earns you money. Anymore questions? :-)

9. Pictures

Add original pictures to your discussions. You can do so when you reach 500 activity points. Do not use material that you do not have the copyright of!
Some say that adding pictures adds an additional cent but that is not set. As all earnings are revenue sharing, you do never get a fix sum for any participation besides tasks.

10. Do the Tasks

Some members start tasks where you can earn some additional cents for things like digging a link or writing an article.
Only accept tasks if you intend to fulfil them!

11. Refer friends

Yes, this should be logical, but if you manage to get active referrals, you get an additional 25% of their earnings on top of your earnings without them earning less. It works best with friends you know as you can motivate them easier and talk about things that you know interests you both to have a better and easier start.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section.
But whatever you do, do not forget to have fun.

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