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Idea Title : Earn by expressing our thoughts      
Idea Body: Many of us spend lot of hours on Internet to learn about various new things and improving our knowledge. Here is a site where our thoughts can be, one of the leading writing communities and rated as the best knowledge exchange sites on the web.

Requirement: The only requirement is we should be good at searching the web, researching about the topic and there is no need to be an expert writer.We can earn upto 8$ per article. There will a lot of questions on various areas basing on our choice we can choose the topic and answer them to our best.

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Other details:

20 to 48 hours per week
$10.00-12.00 USD per hour

How to apply:

To apply, please send an email cover letter to Evan Brown, Mahalo's Greenhouse

Community Manager (evanb at mahalo dot com), with attached resume and writing samples.

Once they select our sample article then we can start earning good

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