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You hear of it in the news sometimes about people who pay their mortgages just by spending a few hours online a day. It is, however, important to remember that the reason why these stories make the news is because they are very, very rare. The majority of people who try to make money from the Internet make little more than pocket money.

Making pocket money online though is nothing to be scoffed at especially in today’s economic climate where every penny counts. Here are some ways in which you can earn some money by making the most of The Internet.

1. Sell.
It seems obvious but if you have items in your house that you no longer use or need then get them sold! Many websites allow you to sell for free or some do charge commission such as Amazon and Ebay. There can be hundreds of thousands of people logging onto these sites on a daily basis so you can have a great audience able to see what you have to offer. 

2. Write.
Spend some time writing and various websites will reward you. If you write for Helium you will get paid depending upon the volume of traffic that goes through your article. You can write on anything- advice articles, movie reviews, opinions, debates… You could join Ciao or Dooyoo which are review writing sites which reward you by small cash incentives when you write reviews on anything.

3. Surveys.
There are many survey websites which you can join and they will send you surveys to fill in which may only take a few minutes and will reward you with small amounts of cash which over time will build up and you are able to cash in as a paypal payment or a cheque. Sites include Valued Opinions and You Gov.

4. Cash back.
There are some websites in which you can make money by buying items. If you buy through Quidco they can reward you by giving you cash back so you will accumulate money.

None of the above will get you rich but it can bring you in extra money each month which can help you to pay the bills. If you want to make serious money online then you do need to put in extra effort and time. You won’t earn money by not making an effort.

Genuine opportunity to make money in online CLICKHERE