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Name of the website:

In this website the tasks may change day to day but some of the tasks we can find mostly everyday so I am giving guidelines how to complete those common tasks.

Tasks mainly include blog posting, writing comments, article writing,bookmarking,

After we login we can find TASKS  tab

1.      Go to “TASKS AVAILABLE”

2.      A list will be displayed .

3.      Find a category and then at the right we can find “View a task in this group” click it and now your task will open.

For all the tasks first click the accept button and start doing the task.  After we “accept” the task, timer starts  we have to complete the task within that time and after completing the task click the submit button at the bottom.

 How to complete the “Post a Blog Comment” task:


1.Create a blog if you have any existing one you can use that.

2. In every task in the description we can find a topic on what we have to create a blog post

3.Prepare a paragraph on that topic(ie.the website given) the length of para is also specified in the description as 75 words or 100 words etc.

4. Our matter should mainly focus about the purpose of the website so first go to the given website and  know the keypoints what it is focusing on.

5.After the matter is ready check for any spelling,grammatical mistakes we can check that at . This is a free online tool.

6.Now we have to give a hyperlink to the given word in the description to their website.

7.At last post that matter in your blog and now come to this task and give the url of your blog post and click submit

8.To find the number of words in our paragraph go to or use word count option in ms word.

Ex: Here is an example of this kind of task

Do a post to your blog, or a career forum, titled called "engineering jobs" and in your posting do a hyperlink to for the terms "engineer jobs" and "engineering jobs". Please make sure your post is at least 75 words.

Please do anchor text linking to for at least two of the following terms:

engineer jobs
engineering jobs
jobs in engineering
engineer job
engineering job
civil engineering jobs
design engineer jobs

In your post, please write about and how it shows new jobs very quickly from tens of thousands of employer websites and job boards and that having access to every new job in the market is a very effective strategy for searching

1.So first go to the given site know its features and write a short description, always remember that we should write it positively.

2.In this task it is given 75words so prepare accordingly

3.They gave some keywords like” engineering jobs” etc make sure that  our blog post include these words not all but a few or enough

4.Now give a hyperlink to their website for this keyword.

5.Remember that all the matter should be posted in your blog but not in this website after you posted come to the task in the shorttask website and give the url and submit.

Task 2:

How to do “Comment on an article ” task

From here I will give a example and  start telling about it.

Ex TASK: If you like the website for job search, locate an article in a major news publication about trucking jobs and/or trucking careers and comment about how much you like for finding jobs!

Please make sure that no one else has commented before you.

Please make sure this is a news-related site and not a general information site like EHow, Wiki and so forth. We are interested in news-related postings only.

Make sure your post is at least 50 words please! : )

Please create hyperlinks to using the following terms in your posting:

truck driver jobs
trucking jobs
trucker jobs
cdl truck jobs
truck owner operator jobs
long haul trucking jobs
otr truck jobs
local trucking jobs
long haul trucker
flatbed truck jobs

Once you have commented on any of the articles here, please provide us the URL where your comment appears for verification! Thanks!! Make sure your comment is not too spammy or else it may get removed and may be seen and too spammy and we will not be able to pay you!!

Steps to complete the task.

1.Find any news publication or job website.

Note:  We have to select the website in which there is an article about the given site(ie.,

2. Go to the article at the bottom of the article we can find “comments”  section

3. Now we have to write a positive comment about the  given website

4.Comment should not be like” the site is very good” etc

5.After commenting give the url and click submit.

Note:  Now you came to an idea how to do the tasks in

First important step is  READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW ACCORDINGLY as there is no perfect structure for completing all the tasks.

In this way we can complete all the tasks in

Note: you may getting doubt that after submitting the task how can we know is our work approved and did  we get pay for it or not.

To know this in the home page we can find a tab “Your account”


2.Now you will find tasks submitted,no. of tasks approved,no. of tasks rejected and how much we are paid for it etc.

3.To see the total balance in our account go to “Account settings” in  “your account”

After you reach 10$ we can withdraw even by check in our Indian currency to our address


Here are some example blogposts. Have a look to get an idea.

Here you can notice how I provided hyperlinks for the keywords.

We have to frame our sentences as real as possible and genuine


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