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What is this opportunity?

This opportunity providing by International company.This company name is WazzUb it is going to launch a search engine like Google on April 09 2012.So this company decided to share the 50% of profits with all the members who have joined before April 09 2012.

  All we know Google is making billions of dollars through search engine but Google never share profits with public.But this company comes up with a brilliant concept i.e., sharing of profits.To develop this search engine they have already invested $2,000,000 from 2007

Is there any investment to join in this opportunity?

No - It is free for Life time.

Where is wazzub's office?

Global Investments Inc (GIT) registered office is at 391 NW 179th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006 and WAZZUB headquarters is located at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 364, Las Vegas, NV 89128.

How can I get my payments from this company?

All members who have joined before Apr 09 2012 they can withdraw money on monthly basis through Cheque or Online bank transfer or Paypal/Alertpay

Why we are introducing this opportunity?

Daily 80,000 people from different parts of the world joining in this opportunity that means for every second one user is registering in this company and this company website rank is below 1,000 and our Indian member already got payment for referral contest from this company.This site is not yet launched just it is taking some basic information from us so friends nothing to loose if we join this opportunity.If suppose it clicks like Google or facebook if you don't join then you are going to miss a big opportunity.So we don't want to leave this opportunity so we have introduced this opportunity.
No body  will know how this company still it comes to live.One thing we are happy about this is our Indian user already got the payment and before launching this site listed below 1000 Rank and we have attached payment proof in end of this post.

Please follow below process to earn big income in online : (Before registering in this opportunity please read entire information at least for one time)


Click Here

Step 1 : Please click the above link to register in this opportunity.

Step 2 :Just drag down the webpage here you can see Join Now form.Please fill this form with your name and email id and other necessary details.

Step 3 : It is very important : Now go to your Email inbox or spam folder and click on the verification link provided by the company.After clicking on verification link then you will get another Email containing of your username and password details that you have given at the time of registration.

Step 4 : Now Log in to your account using this link http://signup.wazzub.info/login.php and you will able to see your referral link as shown as below.

Your earnings are depends upon how many members you have invited to join in this opportunity before April 09 2012.Here good thing is if your friend refer any new user to this company then that user also will adds to your family and if that user refers anyone then also you will get benefit up to 5 levels.

Here your work is so simple no need to do anything just you have to refer this opportunity to your friends or family members through your referral link and we have to choose WazzUb as a home page after launching (I.e., After April 09 2012)

So copy this entire matter replace our referral link with your referral link send it to your friends through Emails or SMS or facebook or orkut.

If you have problems in verifying your account please visit : http://verifyhere.blogspot.in/

Please see these videos to understood this concept :

Webinar part 1 :


Webinar part 2:


Webinar part 3:


After joining in this opportunity please visit http://wazzub.info/faq.htm to know more about the concept and

watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c0LALnuADA

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