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Hi friends,

Here we are giving about PANCARD due to PAYPAL but you can use this PANCARD for any purpose.

What is a PAN number?

PAN or permanent account number refers to a 10-digit alphanumeric number issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department in India.

Where do you find your PAN number?

You can find the 10-digit number printed at the front of your card.

Why do you need a PAN number?

  • PAN number is compulsory for all fina ncial transactions as per Indian laws and regulations.
  • PAN number provides you with a unique identifi cation and makes it easier for PayPal to tra ck your financial transactions.
  • You need to have a PAN number (made mandatory by the Income Tax Department) in order to file for return of income as well as on all corresponden ce with any income tax authority in the country.

There are two ways to get PANCARD

1.Through PANCARD agent (In each and every city PANCARD agents are available) Getting a PANCARD through a agent is very easy OR contact any CHARTED ACCOUNTANT (CA) in your place.

If you are from GUNTUR contact PANCARD issue office:

Tax forms,,2/6,
Brodipet,Guntur-2 Ph:0863 6636050 Mob:+919849127137

2.By our own.

If you want second option follow these st eps:

Step1: Click the above link.

Step2:  Start the form with your FUL L NAME.(When you are filling the form follow these instructions

Step3:For giving FULL NAME follow this
For example, Poonam Ravi Narayan should be written as:
Last Name/Surname   First Name   Middle Name

Step4:Name you would like printed on the card .
Last Name/Surname   First Name   Middle Name   
can be written as,

Step5:Have you ever been known by any other name? Put No

Step6: Father's Name (Even married women should give father's name only)

Step7For address Home address is enough no need to give office address

Step8: Address for Communication  (Tick on R)

Step9 : For status of application tick on INDIVIDUAL

For others follow the instructions that are give n in this

Finally if you don't have any identity proof you can use this we are attaching that form here.But,after completing of the form Put sign with gazetted officer.

Good luck........................................

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