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              This concept is simple we are giving golden chance to every member of RobotixIndia.We are giving equal income opportunity to all.This world is huge so opportunities are more.If your aim is big then join with us to reduce Electro Magnetic Radiation effect on human body.

             We are happy to introduce Anti Mobile Radiation chip having certifications from International organisations.If we stick this chip back side of mobile it reduces 70% of harmful electro magnetic radiation.This chip was developed after a lot of research effort using latest technology.We are in online from 2009 and RobotixIndia known for trust and we are also have our presence in famous news papers from past three years.

             This chip is presently using by corporate employees working in  TATA Consultancy services,Infosys etc., Doctors,Business persons,Teachers,Students etc., like so many persons who are using mobile phones.

              Friends from RobotixIndia we are going to give marketing rights to all our members.So you can generate huge income through this opportunity.If you are serious it is easy to generate a 30,000 Rs per month using this great opportunity.No targets and No pressure.

             There is no need to pay any single rupee as a distributor.The original value of this Mobile Anti Radaition chip is 350 Rs.As a distributor price we are offering it to you for a  very very profitable price that is 80 Rs.So you can sell this chip  any where between 100 Rs to 350 Rs based on your area.

             We are offering dealership based on postal code.For each postal code we will accept only one distributor from that area.So test your luck to make huge income with us.For first 100 approved distributors we will send Travel bag with RobotixIndia for free of cost.Minimum quantity to place order is 20 pieces.If the business is going to good then you can increase the quantity from time to time.

             If you are a teacher you can introduce it to your colleagues and students ... If you are a business you can also sell this in your existing shop .. If you are student you can introduce to your friends .... if you are employee you can introduce it to your office... or you can introduce this chip to your nearest mobile shop owners So every one is using mobile phone.So be a part of spreading healthy environment in India.

             Are you ready to make real income then it is just a three step process.


By putting this anti mobile radiation chip on your mobile it builds a barrier to protect brain and ear tissues from harmful radiation it will absorb maximum incoming radiation from mobile phone and it will neutralize that radiation through built in technology.

This Radiation Chip is a reliable solution against the hazardous radiation from mobile phones that can very effectively stop incoming radiation from the cell phone by reflecting and absorbing it with a thoughtfully and scientifically designed technology which has multiple layers of protection built in it. It protects the brain and ear tissues from these harmful radiations with effecting the operation or range of your cellular phone.              RobotixIndia Anti Radiation technology protects you from the danger that radiation can cause:

  1. Brain Tumor,Headache, Hearing problems
  2. Cancer
  3. Cardiovascular Disease
  4. Miscarriage etc.,

First step : Hi to take dealership in your area you have to send a mail to info@robotixindia.com with your name,full address details and your designation like Employee or business man or student with postal code.

                 In subject mention I want dealership for RobotixIndia anti mobile radiation chip and mention quantity of  mobile anti radiation chips like 20 or 50 or 100 pieces.

Second Step : We will send RobotixTechnologies bank details in SBI or SBH.You can deposit money in bank accounts for 20 pieces or 50 Pieces or 100 pieces etc., We have a facility to accept payment from debit card or credit card or Internet banking also.

                            For 20 pieces   -    1600 Rs (Shipping is free and you will get free RobotixIndia Travel bag)

                            For 50 pieces   -    3600 Rs (Shipping is free and you will get free RobotixIndia Travel bag)

                            For 100 pieces -    7000 Rs (Shipping is free and you will get free RobotixIndia Travel bag)

After depositing money you have to send a mail regarding your payment details to payment@robotixindia.com and you have to send a scan copy of deposit slip to payment@robotixindia.com and also mention address to where courier to be received like Full Name,Door no,City,Street,State and postal code. 

Third step : You will get congratulation mail as a approved dealer for RobotixIndia anti mobile radiation chip in India and we will send courier to your address.

                                   So Act fast and grab this wonderful opportunity.

For any queries mail us to info@robotixindia.com

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