Name:   Shaik Shabnoor
Idea Title :  How to make money online in easy ways...
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One can earn from Internet in many ways. But You can't get Thousands and Lakhs in day's time. In the initial stages, you can only earn your pocket money. One should have lot of Patience and more commitment to earn from Internet.

1) Blogging: Start a blog using any of the below free webspace providers.

… (OR)
… (or)
… Start writing articles on your expertise area. And register yourself along with your blog with Google Adsense. Google Adsense will post some ads in your webpages, and also you can earn from those ads.


This is another good website where people can share the Question papers and earn from them. Answer the Queries posted in the website and get revenue from them. You can also write articles on time-to-time events and earn revenue from those articles.


This is also simialiar to above site. Here you can write articles which is useful for the people and depends on the number of customers reading on that article you will get the share of the revenue from the website owners.


This is another good site where one can earn their worth. One has to prepare the test (Exam Paper) consists of atleast 25 Questions with 5 multiple choice options related to any competitive exams. By posting these tests to the website you can earn money from those tests life long.


is the sister site of indiastudychannel and it also pays you through google adsense.


... which pays you by reading an email. They are referal bonus also.


... which pays you for reading the sms sent by them. They are referal bonus also.

8) There are a number of sites offering paid surveys you can register with them without any investment. but they do not pay very well may be you can meet your pocket expenses.


... which pays you for placing their ads on our sites or blogs.

10) Affiliate Programs... There are so many affiliate programs available which provides different banners to place on our  sites, so that we can earn once the user do some action through that banner.

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Happy Earning Money Online !!!



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