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Name:         A. Mahendran    

Idea Title :      Make Money From Forex Trading

Idea Body:

Few months back i don't have idea about forex trading , i worked a demo account in few days, after that i opened a real account and  I earned 20$ with in 30 minutes.You can't believe this. Here i attached the payment proof. Please go through the file.

Forex is a Foreign Exchange Market.The Forex market is open 24 hours so we can trade any  time. Here you have to trade some currency pairs, trade means you have to buy some currency pairs at low value and sell that currency pair at high value.There are many no of currency pair listed. For example Euro/USD, GBP/JPY, and etc..

What are the steps to Trade?

1.To start click here to download the forex trading platform

and register yourself

2. Download the software and installed to your computer.

3. After installed the software open the demo account.

4. Now Login with your demo account.

5. Buy the Currency pair at low price and close the same currency pair at high price or  Sell the Currency pair at high price and close the currency pair at low price.

Please read the help section which is very important for you to learn the forex terms. Once you started making profits open a real account by funding the account. You can start trading forex for just $50 which is very low compared to any other business.

How to take a decision to Buy or Sell?

Trade for small profits first. While trading forex look for what the top 100 traders are doing and take a decision. You can make your forex trading automated by setting a take profit value. Your trading will be closed when it reaches the take profit value. You can shutdown your computer once you set this value if you want.

Funding Your Account

After login to the demo account click the trade for real money button, then you will see a login page. Please click the open new account at the right side of the login window to create a real trading account. Please use this login information to login to your real trading account. Then use the click to deposit at the bottom of the window to deposit money. You can fund your account by credit card, paypal, and moneybookers.

Please trade only EUR/USD currency Pair and trade between 4 P.M to 9 P.M you can book your profit quickly.

This is the good oppurtunity to make a big money from Online.

If you have any doubts please send me the mail regarding Forex Trading to

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