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                                               Hearty congratulations to all the winners.

Winner of Mega Idea - Sowmya Nuka (10$+Gift)

We are very happy to announce this idea as a Mega Idea.We hope this idea itself enough to earn min 5000 rupees per month.

We are very thankful to Sowmya for her brilliant opportunities.

We are sharing this idea with our online job members only.Please see your mail for username and password.

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This week winners are :

                                            Sowmya Nuka (Winner of First prize and Second Prize)

L.Venkata Naresh   - Congratulations (Winner of Third Prize)

First Prize: 3$

Name: Opinon gurus
Idea Title : It's a survey site.
Idea Body:
1)Register here http://opiniongurus.markelytics.com/Register.html

2)Enter your personal details along with your correct phone number and address
3)You get surveys to your email id itself.
4)Main thing about opinion gurus is that they are linked with 2
companies "Markelytics" and "CINT".
5)While doing the survey itself a CINT account will be created for us.
So,surveys both from opinion gurus and CINT will come.
Note: Email will come from opinion gurus but depending on the link we
can know is that from cint or is it from opinion gurus.Surveys coming
from CINT will appear as

So, the points for cint will not be updated in opinion gurus website
we should check for those in cint. So, carefully note login details of
cint and opinion gurus separately. We can call them for further
6)After completion of each survey we can get a Unique ID: 21954
Project ID: 4147 (Example)Note that for further use if points are not
added these details will help us.Points will be updated in our account
only after the project completion it may take 1month.
7)I redeemed 3500points(350rs) out of it 250Rs shopper's stop voucher
and 100rs online mobile recharge.
8)After the redemption I have got shopper's stop vouchers within 4
days(ie;today). I am sending the screenshots have a look.For any
queries we can call them at
Phone: 080-40222888
Email: support@opiniongurus.com
Website: http://www.opiniongurus.com
While redemption I got some doubts I have called them at the above
number and they have mailed me that they are going to send me the
vouchers, accordingly today I got them.
9)Gift options will be movie cd's, online shopping vouchers,mobile
recharge etc.

               Second week second prize winner - 2$


Register here https://www.odesk.com

Name:   https://www.odesk.com/

Idea Title : Outsourcing jobs- Long term basis.

Idea Body:

Odesk-  It may become our permanent place for earning if we have expertise in any area what it offers.

Odesk offers contract based jobs in several areas like web research, programming, virtual assistant,web designing,  networking ,data entry, writing and translation, customer service, sales marketing, email assistance and many more.  In brief we can say odesk is a place for employers(who give us jobs) to employ people(we) on contract basis. We can find bunch of jobs, basing on our interest we can choose them.  Odesk is becoming favorite site not only for people who like work at home jobs but also even for software engineers.  Yes! It’s true because with their work experience they can find projects related to their area and earn in two ways. Ok! Its’ the other side. Now we shall discuss about the process of Registration and How to search for a job .

Advantage over mturk: We can be recruited for long term basis.


1)Sign up for Odesk here   https://www.odesk.com/referrals/track/sowmyanuka

Click create an account.

Select “contractors start here”  Fill the details, create an account, verify the email

2)Left side you will find  “My contractor’s profile” click it and fill the details as below

    Tips: In that fix the hourly rate 2$-3$ if it is more we can’t get work easily.

    --- There you find “Take the Readiness test” click it and complete the exam.

When you open that first you will find the instructions how to write the exam read it carefully

Don’t worry the exam will only contain about the odesk policies and all about odesk. It can read their itself.

-----Then below of it you have to fill all your qualifications ie., certifications, experience, skills etc you can fill that easily. This makes your profile complete.

3) Take the readiness exam

4)You can apply for that exam twice a week(in case you fail)

5)To get work your  profile should be 90% complete

6)Better have a good cover letter with your profile.

7)Take other qualification tests also, this helps us to get more jobs.

Method of payment:  Paypal

First of all you should download “Odesk team” . Each time you have to login to this and start doing work. Your work gets recorded automatically and stored in “Work diary” basing on this buyers will review our quality of work and pay as per that. Once they approve the work you can withdraw through paypal.

Beginners: You can start with data entry and email marketing jobs. These jobs can you pay 2$ per hour. We can increase our hourly rate slowly once we get expertise.

Image 2:

As we have discussed earlier about odesk in previous posts. The only tip what I can give is “Take the readiness exam” seriously and “Take the qualification tests” as many as you can.

This can make your profile chosen my requestors to give us more paying jobs.

*As there are several categories chose only the field which you are familiar with and try giving quality work and be the best.  If once we get recognition, always the employers will look our profile, then we can increase our hourly rate to 10$ or 15$ or as much is required.

Third Prize winner - 1$

Name:  L.Venkata Naresh            
Idea Title : http://governmentjobsalerts.com/government-jobs-discussions/      
Idea Body: one can earn maximum of Rs.5000/- per month

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