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To make money in online Payza account is very important.The good thing about this is you can create Payza account for free of cost and it is one of the best online money banking service provider.

Payza account is nothing but the email id you are using for log in to Payza account.

When you are registering in any online money making website then they will ask you payza email.Once you click on with draw from particular website then amount will be added to payza account then after from payza account to our bank account we have to withdraw the money

When you are giving your name in PayZa account it must be exactly matches with your bank account name.If you not have any bank account simply create PayZa account on the name of who have bank account.

Eg: I have a bank account in SBI and my name on the account is CHALLA RAVI

So,when i am  giving name on paypal give First name as challa and last name as RAVI.If you don't have bank account create the ALERTPAY account with your original name.



Steps to be followed are:

1.CLICK the above link.
 2. On the top of the website you have a SIGNUP button click that button.
3. Choose your country or region.
 EG: If you are from INDIA. Select country as INDIA
4.choose PERSONAL PRO and click NEXT
5.FILL UP your contact information. Give your HOME phone number it may be mobile number or land line number.
6. For Email address give your Email ID.
7. Choose a different password that it is better not to match with your EMAIL account.
8. Choose unique TRANSACTION PIN LIKE Eg: 64563 (It is not your ATM card Pin it may be used for your security purposes.After giving the PIN note that PIN in a dairy)
9. Choose security questions and answer them for password recovery. Under third party info tick   NO.
10. Enter the word given for verification and tick the checkbox. 
11. TICK I AGREE AND register.
12. This is the time you LOGIN to your GMAIL account and confirm the Payza account.


If you have any doubts you can contact Payza website directly. 

Now you can Log in to your Payza account.Now click on My account after that click on verification and submit the documents like PAN CARD for our name and date of birth proof and Submit the relevant document for address proof.

Once your account is verified in Payza then you will able to transfer the funds from Payza account to directly your bank account.

Note : If you have any doubts in Verifying Payza accounts directly contact PayZa teams to clear your doubts as early as possible.


Google search engine is the best option to clear your Doubts.Here you can search for Example.

1.How can we verify  Payza/Paypal Account for Indians.

2.How can we withdraw money from Payza/Paypal Account etc.,

Why we suggested Google search Engine because every day opportunities and techniques will be changed to make money in online.So Google is the one which gives latest updates.

To deposit funds to your Payza account below website will be very helpful for you and suppose in your Payza account if you have some amount and you want to sell your payza amount then below website people are ready to buy the payza currency and after receiving amount from you then they will deposit amount to your bank account.

Concept is so simple if you want money to your Payza account after depositing money in their bank accounts then they will transfer money to your Payza account.

Buy - You are buying money to your Payza account.

Sell - You are selling your Payza currency to them.

BUY SELL EXCHANGE link for this website is :


To place the order that means to Buy the currency or Sell the currency use this link after submitting the form they will mail you regarding confirmation :


And to contact this team click on the below link :


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