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Strong mind

1.A strong mind always remains calm even in adversities.

2.It never succumbs to temptations and develops tremendous courage to say ‘NO’ to immoral thoughts and actions.

3.It always remains free from prejudice,suspicion,and jealousy

4.Clarity of thinking makes it possible to take right decisions and come to right judgements

5.Such a mind will never indulge in wrong actions,prompted by evil emotions,such as desire,anger,greed,fear,hatred,etc., but will be always guided by serious,deep and right thinking

6.Positive thinking,concentration,fearlessness,adventurous nature,and self-confidence are the vital qualities of a strong mind.
weak mind

1.a weak mind gets irritated and loses temper over trifling maters and reacts violently

2.such a mind can easily succumb to temptations like bribery,stealing etc

3.due to confusion,suspicion,and prejudice,it fails to take the right decision and make impartial judgements

4.Such a mind always compromises with and surrenders to evil forces. cannot face challenges in life,and tries to escape from them by adopting easy and cheap methods

6.such a mind always takes recourse to weeping and grumbling

7.such a mind never appreciates good qualities in others.

8.restlessness,fear,tension,laziness,frustration,superstition and negative thinking are the main characteristics of a weak mind.

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