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WetaSms is not giving payments to members so now we are not working in weta sms opportunity.

Friends now we are doing great income opportunity in 300 Rs joining amount.

After joining in this opportunity you will get One mobile anti radiation chip through courier and access to the RobotixIndia website where you will get information about different  genuine online money making opportunities like how to make money by clicking ads - How to make money by doing tasks in online - How to make make money by participating in surveys etc.,

But to make quick income it is having a four level referral income plan.

After activating your account you will get one unique referral link.Anybody registered through your referral link and if they activate their account you will get 100 Rs.So for direct referral you will get 100 Rs.Second level - 30 Rs,Third level - 10 Rs and Fourth level - 10 Rs.

Minimum withdraw is 200 Rs

So in this opportunity company just sharing profit.So friends to have long term income opportunity join in this opportunity.

If you join in this opportunity directly through RobotixIndia website it will be 350 Rs but if you join in this opportunity through referral link then it will be 300 Rs only.

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Happy Earnings

We are happy to inform you that on 05 Nov 2012 we have received sixth payment from wetasms

Another good news is the cost of weta pin is 600 Rs.If you balance more than 600 Rs you can take money from your friend and you can also give instant weta pin to your friend.No need to wait till payment from the company.Today we have given four weta pins to our members of value 2400 Rs that means indirectly we have received 2400 Rs from the company.


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Happy Earnings