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Idea Title
:       Website Moderator
Idea Body:  These days the demand for knowledge is increasing day by day. Many of the websites are competing to provide valuable information in all the sectors basing on the viewers needs,interests. So, the need for moderating websites is increasing a lot. Their is good demand for website moderators and a very good chance of earning hourly wise.

Advantage: Pay is hourly, we can also improve our knowledge and can demand more basing on our performance and excellence.

Work includes: Based on the site guidelines, moderators will decide if the comment should be accepted and published on the site, or if it should be deleted. Examples or deleted comments include anything vulgar, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate.

How to get a website moderator chance:

Here I am listing few sites which are genuine in paying for the website moderators if once we get selected they will provide us online training and we can start our work very soon and start earning.

" Demand Media" is providing us a chance to create and publish valuable content for millions of Internet users to moderate passionate communities, and for thousands of websites to grow with social media feature.


All the above sites are Demand media properties.

Details about Demand Media:

They need people to review and moderate content during shifts that will occur overnight (7pm to 7am) and weekends (7pm Friday to 7am Monday) starting in December 2009.

Not only Demand Media but there are many other sites ex.,

: Place to find "how to" articles on almost any topic.
earn at with them. Enroll for Writers Compensation Plan. Start writing articles. Your articles earns based on variety of factors like number of views, ads clicked, rating of the article etc.



If you are an expert in researching a topic then Just

. is also a good site.They hire experts to answer questions from customers. You can work on your own schedule, give advice and earn money. A customer asks a question and offers payment for the answer. Basing on our skill level they will pay accordingly.

No matter which ever is the website but the idea to be a "WEBSITE MODERATOR" is a cool work at home job. Once we improve our skill we can demand our pay. All the best friends See you all as Website moderators soon. Thank You.

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