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Do You Know? India has more than 930 million mobile phones.More people use mobile phones than tooth brushes,that's is a fact.It is very common for people to carry two mobile phones (doubling radiation exposure).

Mobile phones constantly emit radio waves around them called "Electro Magnetic Radiation",which are harmful to the body.

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WARNING! WARNING!! WARNING!!! To all Mobile Phone users. It may cause Headache,Brain Tumors,Hearing problems & Heavy Mobile Phone use linked to Cancer.

   Now you can talk more on your mobile phone with out radiation problem.Use our radiation chip and free from radiation.


Protect your Ears, Brain and Body against the dangerous Mobile Phone Radiation and Heating using our ANTI RADIATION - unique and first of its kind Technology in the world.


This is the only product of its kind to address the Heat Radiation dangers of Mobile Phone and prevents heating of Mobile phone by more than 90%.

Totally environment friendly Technology, proven, safe and effective Already used by more than a million Cell Phone users in INDIA, besides 15 other countries.

This Anti Radiation Mobile Chip lasts the life time of your Mobile Phone



THIS CHIP IS  from ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

Hearty Welcome to Anti Radiation world.We are introducing scientifically proven first Anti Mobile Radiation chip in this world against electro magnetic radiation.

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Hi please click on the below certificates CE And SMARK for making the chip as per CE norms and safety quality as per international standards.RoHS (Restriction usage of Hazardous substances) certification for not using of Hazardous substances in the chip.

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             We are happy to introduce Anti Mobile Radiation chip having certifications from International organisations.If we stick this chip back side of mobile it reduces 70% TO 90% of harmful electromagnetic radiation effect on human body.This chip was developed after a lot of research effort using latest technology.We are in online from 2009 and RobotixIndia known for trust and we are also have our presence in famous news papers from past three years.

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.Minimum quantity to place order is 20 pieces.If the business is going to good then you can increase the quantity from time to time.

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By putting this anti mobile radiation chip on your mobile it builds a barrier to protect brain and ear tissues from harmful radiation it will absorb maximum incoming radiation from mobile phone and it will neutralize that radiation through built in technology.Minimum quantity to place order is 10 pieces.If the business is going to good then you can increase the quantity from time to time.

This Radiation Chip is a reliable solution against the hazardous radiation from mobile phones that can very effectively stop incoming radiation from the cell phone by reflecting and absorbing it with a thought  fully and scientifically designed technology which has multiple layers of protection built in it. It protects the brain and ear tissues from these harmful radiations with effecting the operation or range of your cellular phone.              This Anti Radiation technology protects you from the danger that radiation can cause:

  1.   Brain Tumor,Headache, Hearing problems
  2.    Cancer
  3.   Cardiovascular Disease
  4.   Miscarriage etc.,

First step : Hi want to distribute this chip in your area you have to fill the below form with your name,mobile number,full address details and your designation like Employee or business man or student with postal code.
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1.What is this Anti Radiation Chip?

This Anti mobile radiation chip is made of a special polymer compound with high dielectric constant. In the presence of external electromagnetic field it emits delicate low frequencies electromagnetic oscillations (the 'noise field') that resemble resonance frequencies of living cells in the body. These oscillations compensate and neutralize the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation generated by cell phones and electronic devices while simultaneously providing support for cellular functions in the body.

In simple words if we stick this chip back side of our mobile then it will generate some signals as a result it will combine with the generated radiation signal from our mobile device.As a result it will neutralize the negative effects of EMR on human body.

In below figure first one is the constant EMF generated from the mobile phone and second is existing frequency in the living bodies but this frequency is not constant and third one is superimposing of noise field (Generated by anti mobile radiation chip) over EMF generated from mobile.As a result the constant field of EMF is converting to similar EMF of living bodies so the outcome of EMF don't have any negative effects on human body.

This Anti Radiation Chip stands as an innovation which plays a scientific role in meeting your urgent need to elevate yourself above the chaotic conditions of modern life. It is designed to assist you in dealing with the environmental stress triggered by Electromagnetic Field, technology that is designed to eliminate the biological effects of Electromagnetic field exposure. It has been developed as a result of a large research effort.

As you know all electromagentic radiation emitting devices like Cell phones, Bluetooth, PDAs, Computers and Laptops etc. has been linked to various stress-induced problems and illnesses and could very well be compromising your health and well being so this Anti Radiation Chip is the only biological proven way to eliminate damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

2.Will  this anti radiation chip interfere with the normal functioning or range of my cell phone?

This anti radiation chip will not interfere at all with the operation or range of your cellular phone.

3. Will this anti radiation chip affect talk and standby time?

No, this anti radiation chip will have no affect on talk or standby time.

4.  Will this anti radiation chip interfere with other cellular phones or other electrical equipment? 

No. There is no electronic interference associated with our Anti Radiation Chip.

5.  Will this anti radiation chip stop my ear becoming warm when I use my phone?
The Anti Radiation technology will not eliminate tissue heating and any inconveniences associated with your phone. However, some of the "heating" sensation may be associated with the induction of stress proteins, a biological effect not necessarily associated with heating, and thus this anti radiation chip may help to reduce that symptom.

6. Will this anti radiation chip stop me getting the headaches that I get when I use my cellular phone?

If your headache is caused by non-heating biological effects induced by cellular phone EMFs, then this anti radiation chip should stop this headache.
7.  Does this mean that I will not have to worry at all about the radiation or should I continue to use an earpiece?

With this Anti Radiation Chip, you will not have to worry about negative biological effects from EMF waves. If you are bothered by actual heating of your phone, you should consider an earpiece or other device so the cellular phone is not held next to your ear.

8. Do I need to do anything to the appliance before I apply the Anti Radiation Chip?

For best adhesion, clean the area with a mild soap and water. Apply this Anti Radiation Cell Chip to dry, flat surface.

9. Can I move this Anti Radiation Chip from one cell phone to another cell phone?

This Anti Radiation does NOT recommend moving a Cell Chip from one phone to another- unless it is the exact same make and model of the original cell phone. Different phones emit and receive different frequency ranges, and because of that reason, the Chips cannot be transferred.

10. Will this Anti Radiation Chip affect the signal strength of my phone?

NO! This Anti Radiation Chip will NOT affect the signal strength of your cell phone.

11. Is this Anti Radiation Chip water and heat resistant?

Yes, this Anti Radiation Chip is water and heat resistant.

12. What is the lifetime of this Anti Radiation chip?

This Anti Radiation chip is designed to last for the life time of your mobile phones.

13.  How to test this Anti Radiation Chip?

Thermography Sample Test Procedure for this Anti Radiation chip :

All thermographic imaging is conducted using standard thermography procedures, as per the guidelines from the Standards and Protocols in Clinical Thermographic Imaging released by the International Academy of Clinical Thermography. 
Three studies are conducted using a Compix Infrared Scanner. The first imaging establishes a baseline thermographic image and temperature of the subject (Figure 1). The subject then talks on a cell phone for thirty-three minutes and the second image and temperature are recorded (Figure 2.). This Anti Radiation Chip is then placed on the cell phone near the internal antenna position and the subject talks again for thirty-three minutes on the cell phone (Figure 3) and the third image and temperature findings are recorded.


The temperature findings for the observed results of the three cases are listed in Table I. The baseline (control) temperature was 36.7 degrees Celsius. The temperature change caused by the radiation from the unprotected cell phone was 1.4 degrees Celsius. The temperature change caused by the radiation from the protected phone was .5 degrees Celsius. It can be seen from the thermographic images that there has been a large scale heating of the tissues of the head and face compared to the baseline and a large reduction of this bio-thermal effect caused by this Anti Radiation Chip.

Conclusion : 

This Anti Radiation Chip was responsible for a minimum reduction of 64.28% to max of 70 - 90% of the thermal effects caused by the radio frequency radiation emitted from the cellular phone.