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Today you are going to learn how to add Paypal or Payza Email Id in Clixsense and how to earn extra money using Clixsense.

Before going to this tutorial please complete DAY 1 DAY 2  & DAY 3 tutorials

                                                                          DAY 4

Log in to Clixsense and Click on Profiles and Settings as shown below  and update your Payza or Paypal account in Payment details section :

Now we are going to show very very important and quick way to make money using Clixsense.

If you believe Clixsense it will gives you lot of money.

In Clixsense you will make more money by referring Clixsense website to your friends through our referral link. (Note : Clixsense allow only one account per household so don't create another account in Clixsense account from same computer.

For eg just see the latest payment proof of 330$ from Clixsense :

What is the benefit if you refer others to Clixsense using your referral link :

Clixsense is a great advertising sharing opportunity running from 2007.So you will commissions from your referral earning also.

Please visit this link for more details on referral income :

And one more beauty in Clixsense is if you upgrade your account to premium by paying 17$ per year then your earnings will be very more.

For eg : Yo introduced your friend to Clixsense, he likes this opportunity and upgraded to premium account then you will get 2$ from him. And your friend refer another person he also upgraded to premium account than you will get 1$ and your friend will get 2$ like this CLIXSENSE will give referral commissions up to 8 levels.

You will find your referral link in CLIXSENSE home page under Affiliate details :

As a free member you can make using Clixsense but as a premium member you can make more money using CLIXSENSE.

You can easily upgrade your Clixsense account to premium member ship by clicking on "Upgrade to PREMIUM"

Just read the benefits and Click on Paypal button to upgrade your account :

If you not added Debit or Credit card details o your Paypal than select Pay with Debit or Credit card option :
Please read CLIXSENSE FAQ for more information :  


Friends, We have given most of the benefits of Clixsense. So on regular basis view the ads,play the Clixgrid and complete the tasks be active in CLIXSENSE.  HAPPY EARNINGS

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