Dear User,

In previous tutorial DAY 1 we have seen how to create account in Clixsense. Please complete first tutorial  
( DAY 1 ) before going through this tutorial.

Today we are going to introduce how to make money using Clixsense.

Please log in to your own Clixsense account.(Note : Don't create another account in Clixsense using same computer.Only one account permitted per household.If you create or Sign in another account from same computer you account will be suspend)

                                                                DAY 2

Step 1 : Please Log in Or Sign in to your Clixsense account by clicking on below link :


Step 2 : After Sign in please click on View Ads option.

Step 3 : You will get list of ads.Please follow this process to view the ads.After clicking the ad you will get message to Click on Cat once you pick the Cat then your ad timer will start.
         Like this amount will be added to your account.This is one process to make money using Clixsense.

In Clixsense Right hand side you will find Daily check list please complete them to receive more money from Clixsense and Bonus.

Best Tip :

Just download and install ClixAddon and with out opening the Clixsense you will get all notifications from toolbar.

 To get grip on Clixsense and to know more ways making money through Clixsense please watch this following video two to three times :

Very very importance notice : Please don't give any credit or debit card details while filling the survey form or offers.

So, in next tutorial you are going to learn how to withdraw money from Clixsense to your bank account and how to make more money using Clixsesne.

Thank you.  

Source : Daily Knowledge Bank Channel.

Link to source : CLICK HERE

Views : Please see the following video to understand the concept of Clixsense.