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In previous tutorials we have seen how to make money using Clixsense.

Please go through this tutorial after completing first two tutorials only. (DAY 1 & DAY 2)

                                                         DAY 3

Today we are going to introduce how to withdraw money from Clixsense to your local bank account.

Clixsense will transfer money to online bank account (Payza and Paypal) from these accounts we need to transfer money to our local bank accounts like SBI,ICICI etc.,

It is enough to create account in Payza or Paypal. (Payza account accepted by most of the websites compared to Paypal and it is easy toc reate also)

Very important : Before going through this tutorial please watch this video two to three times than it will be easy for you.

Friends in online bank account means, your email id will be your account :

Payza is like a online money bank account.Click below link to create Payza account :

Payza Account Creation :

Please watch above videos two to three times before creating Payza account.

Step 1: Select Personal and start create account in Payza.

Step 2: Give First name and Last name as of your bank account.

Step 3: Give your email Id and choose password.

Step 4: Please check your inbox and verify your email address.

Step 5: Please verify Payza account and for more details watch the above videos.

If you need any help visit


Now we are going to introduce how to create International bank account for online money transactions :

Note :In our local banks account means it will be some number but In Paypal account means our Email Id only.

Steps to be followed:

 1.CLICK the above link.
 2.On the top of the website you have a SIGNUP button click that button.
 3.Select Individual account and click on Continue.
3.Please give Email address and give the correct details like your name.When you are giving your name please make sure that it will be match with your bank accounts.
 4.If you don't have the credit card click the check box that provided.
 5.Click I agree, Create my account.
 6.It Again asks for credit card information.leave it below of this you found GO TO MY ACCOUNT
 7.This is the time you LOGIN to your Email account and confirm the Paypal account.

Note : If you are having Credit or Debit card you can add to your Paypal account it will be easy for the transactions.

           Please complete pending tasks like adding of bank accounts etc., as shown in above video.


Relax,In next tutorial we will introduce how to update Paypal account or Email Id in Clixsense account and how to make more money using Clixsense.

If you are still having any queries just search it on Google regarding your query or you can contact Paypal customer care team 

If you not complete today's work in Clixsense like viewing ads,Completing offers,Tasks and Surveys just log in to 
CLIXSENSE and complete it.

Question : Is important to Log in to Clixsense daily and completing the tasks.If not what will happen?

Ans : It will be good daily log in to Clixsense and completing the work.It will be helpful to increase the money in your account.Due to some work if you are unable to log in to Clixsense don't worry you will not get money for  that day.If you log in to Clixsense on regular basis your account will be more active and some bonus amount also will be added to your account.

Question : When will money will come to Paypal account?

Ans : Once you reached min amount in Clixsense then you can withdraw money to your Paypal account.

Good Luck and start make money in online.

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