First prize:

Internet is not just the tool for time pass and social networking on Facebook & Orkut. But you can also make money from the Internet. By the end of 2014, there will be 3 Billion users world wide. Now, this means a great Business Opportunity for me.

There are several ways to make money online from the Internet. Here are some hottest ways to make money from the Internet.

1. Keep your long term goals in mind when approaching your money making ideas. The best way to make money online today is to create an authority site where people want to come back and purchase from you over and over. To do this you must target a market where people are currently spending money and then find a way to fit into that market.

2. Sell quality products that people have a need for. One way to do this is to offer products that solve people’s problems. Information products for example fit extremely well into this way of thinking. You can continue to make money on them long after they have been produced, plus they are extremely lucrative.

3. Don’t forget to capture people’s contact information for future follow up. This makes sense because building a list is a good income producing strategy.

Most people do not make a purchase on their first exposure to a product offering. Therefore the best way to sell to them in the future is to get their name and email address and follow-up with them. Use an auto responder to make this easy on yourself and you can make money online much easier with email marketing.

4. Focus your efforts on one thing until it is profitable. There certainly is nothing wrong with being involved in various niches or having more than one website. For many people they make mistakes because they do not make any money with one product so they jump to the next one.

5. Start a blog and use it to your advantage. Chances are if you do not have a blog, your competitors will have one and will beat you in the long run if you do not start one. You can use your blog to complement your existing website or you can actually make it your primary website.

6. Using affiliate programs. There are so many affiliate programs available online. Just promoting their banners we can earn good figure of income. For example,,,etc,.

7. Last but not least there are so many websites that are paying for taking their surverys, reading emails. We have already received this information from our Robotix Technologies as a paid member, which is very useful. By following each and every step, we can earn a descent income.


Happy Earning Money Online !!!


Idea Body:  Shorttask is a place where we can earn by writting comments to blogs, audio transcription, article writing and many more. We will have  a list of tasks with description and credit basing on our interest we can choose the task and complete it. After we submit the task within 2 days the money will be credited and we can transfer the money to our paypal or we can also request for a cheque.

When we search about this site in net we can find many reviews saying that it doesnot pay or doesnot work but really it does work and they will really pay. Now they have made many updations and the minimum payout is only 10$.Once we earn and withdraw it you will certainly know that it is working and surely they will pay.

Once we login to the site we can find the tasks in the "TASKS"  tab the detailed description how it works and video tutorial can be found in this link

 Third prize.


Name                                                :  Praveen kumar      

Idea Title                                        :   online tutor    

Idea Body:                                      :    we will teach to the persons who are abroad and they       pay money us and this is not scam my friend is doing in online he is earning money every month 


If you have any Blog or website:



Name                                                         :                praveen

Idea  Title                                                                  sending emails    

Idea Body                                               : here we are sending emails to the people who are unknown they click that link for that click u get  money for that click

If you have any Blog or website    :