Hi Friends,

We have successfully conducted six money making contests and prizes already delivered to all the


            In the process of online money education we are announcing another good contest.

Contest name  Just submit an Article

Prizes : 10 Robotixindia Executive Travel Bags.

Genuine online jobs

                                                                                                    What is this contest?

This contest is very simple.Just submit an article on online money making opportunities or Internet security.

If you want to submit an article on Money making opportunity :

There are so many money making opportunities are available in online

Eg: Making money through Affiliate marketing

                            Making money through completing tasks in online etc.,


Choose your own topic on online money making opportunity.

So if you know any good money making opportunity in online with out investment then just mail that opportunity to

innovation@robotixindia.com If you don't know also use Google search and select one best money making

opportunity and send it to us.

If you choose Internet security you can also submit article on

Eg: How can we protect from hackers?
                             How can we protect from phishing etc., or Choose your own topic on Internet security

There is no limit on submission of articles you can submit the articles on both the topics also or your choice.

So just participate in this wonderful contest and win our executive travel bag.We will dispatch travel bag directly to your address.

We will select three best ideas for every three days and will keep your winning idea on our blog.Participation limited to Indians and our online job members only.

Please mail us in below format

Idea Subject :

Your Name :

Your Email Id :

Your Mobile Number :

Idea body : Minimum 10 lines description on your money making idea or on Internet security.

Mail to : innovation@robotixindia.com

First List of winners announced on 22 Apr 2012 - 3 Travel Bags

Second list of winners announced on 26 Apr 2012 - 3 Travel Bags

Third list of winners announced on 30 Apr 2012 - 3 Travel Bags

On 30 Apr 2012 in a lottery method we will select one member participation list and give the travel bag.On that day Robotixindia going to announce it's own program known as Money for all so wait for that big earning opportunity.

Happy Earnings