Save Energy then it saves your Money

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Note : We send these products through courier to all over India. 

Our Power Saver uses a state of art latest technology to save electricity consumption which finally saves your electricity bill. All electric supply is subject to surges that result in spikes. These spikes simply consume electricity. Our Power Saver is a revolutionary device, which stables those surges and optimizes the power factor of the electricity drawn by any electric appliances thereby extending their life span too. It works on most common household appliances like Tube lights, fluorescent lights, Fans, TV, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Cooler, Air conditioner, Computer, Refrigerator, Freezer, Mixer Grinder, Washing Machine, Pumps, etc & also it increases the life span of all electrical devices.


·  It is absolutely legal.

·  Easy To Use & Maintenance Free.

·  One Unit Is All You Need For Whole House.

·  Value for Money.

·  Long Life.

·  Absolutely Legal & Safe.

·  Heavy duty type.

·  Government approved.

·  No re-wiring needed just plugs into any socket  and start saving.

·  Suitable for homes, shops, restaurants and offices.

·  Fully compliant with safety standards.

·  Environmentally friendly.

·  Help you save electricity.

·  Lower your costs. Saves Electricity